When working with fiery things, you must wear a helmet!

In this picture you can see two challenge, 1MinuteChallenge (120g+ in one minute) and M.O.A.B. (ReMatch). In the ReMatch I will do my best to beat my old time (2.47min) for now in 4th place in League Of Fire.

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League Of Fire add me to there Reaper Challenge League Table and did it with one Amazing intro card. They do a fantastic job in the chili community all hats off for them.

The TITAN is in the L.O.F! This is mega exciting, something big has come from the Baltic! Magnus Johansson... WELCOME! You're our first Swedish chilli-head ???

Here is the link to see his profile and destroy dem Reapers?

Hoffa Kaos and I are trying the Johnny Scoville's Chili Cherry Nightmare challenge bar from Willy Pete's Chocolate Co.

This video can contain not bad words but some bad Swenglish (Swedish/English) words. This bar contains about 15 to 20 Carolina Reapers and the challenge are in total 15 minutes, are we going to survive and complete the challenge?

YouTube: https://youtu.be/AoBE5NinA48

Hoffa Kaos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTJvvzavOcXR4hELBtG9_w

League Of Fire - Carolina Reaper League Table is now official open and I'm at the moment in 4th place. To earn that place I eat 26 BIG Carolina Reaper 260g of worlds hottest pepper.

Video: https://youtu.be/wHa3QmuTX5Q

League Tablehttps://leagueoffire.com/l-o-f-reaper-challenge-league-table/

L.O.F Profile: https://leagueoffire.com/player/magnus-johansson/

Here you have a fast forward version of my attempt to eat 26 (about 260g) BIG Carolina Reaper.

This challenge is a tribute to my home team in ice hockey Luleå Hockey, in the 2019 playoff they score 26 goals. I'm a chilihead so one day under the playoff I got one crazy idea why not try to eat one reaper for each playoff goal.

Fast Forward: https://youtu.be/SSUuZZMs5BQ

Original Movie: https://youtu.be/wHa3QmuTX5Q

This week we have a legend visit Luleå and Sunderbyn.

Helldog will be at Coop Storheden tuesday / sunday do not miss the amazing hamburgers or the less spicy sausages. Or why not take the opportunity to challenge a friend or yourself to take on the Harakiri Challenge. Defeat the sausage complete the challenge and go home with the honor and a t-shirt as a proof!

Helldog is more or less known by it's Harakiri Challenge the World's Hottest sausage!

Now I got the Epic t-shirt from League Of Fire framed just have to find a nice spot in the house for it. This t-shirt is from L.O.F 2nd hosted battle of the belt this time in Sacramento between UK Chilli Queen and Johnny Scoville. In this battle they ate more then 50 super spicy peppers and the fight ended in draw (they tapped out together).

League Of Fire  |  UK Chilli Queen | Johnny Scoville

Next week I'm going to have a collab with a friend, I think you know him it's Hoffa Kaos. We are going to try Johnny Scoville & Willy Pete's Chocolate Co. challenge bar Chili Cherry Nightmare.

The rules are 1, No drink at all for the entire challenge. 2, You have 10 minutes to finish the whole bar. You CANNOT begin the afterburn unitl the 10 minutes ends. 3, You must endure a 5 minute afterburn to complete the challenge! This challenge bar contains about 15 to 20 Carolina Raper so it's not for those sensitive to spicy stuff you should be kept out of reach!

BIG shoutout to Roger Trier for the amazing artwork on this bar!

Hoffa Kaos | Johnny Scoville | Willy Pete's Chocolate Co.

1.000 subscribers special, then I meet Nemesis for some chocolate! My chilihead friend Roger Trier aka Hot Damn Show! has cooperation with Willy Pete's Chocolate Co. Together they have made one evil chocolate bar named Nemesis, it contains 30 Carolina Reaper.

The rules are I have 2 minutes to eat each square and the bar has eight of them 16 minutes total and No Afterburn required (thank Nemesis for that)!

BIG shoutout to Roger Trier for the amazing artwork on this bar!

Hot Damn Show! | Willy Pete's Chocolate Co.

The League Of Fire has accept my M.O.A.B video and for now it's in 4th place. League Of Fire doing an amazing job in the chili community. In there homepage you can find chili eating League table and challenge table with Tube Of Terror and M.O.A.B.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/XVUWTxONIyU

League Of Fire: https://leagueoffire.com/moab-league-table/

League OF Fire | Willy Pete's Chocolate Co.

Two packages arrived from League Of Fire, there's hot sauce Inception and a rematch of M.O.A.B and the signed t-shirt from one epic chili battle. This t-shirt is signed by two legends, Johnny Scoville and UK Chilli Queen and celebrity chef and host Keith Breedlove at the battle "Sacramento Smackdown" Sat.21st.Sep.2019.

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