Got a package from the Reaper Boys!

The rules are to chew them well, with afterburn 0-2 minutes PUSSY, 2-5 minutes BRAVE, 5-8 minutes LUNATIC, 8+ minutes TOTAL MANIAC. And I got three bags of the Extreme edition 3x8(24) minutes afterburn.


Our Reaper Boys EXTREME limited edition chips are NO JOKE. These challenge chips have a terrifying scoville rating of 6.4million making these 3x hotter than our current infamous Reaper Boys One Chip Challenge. These are only to be purchased by participants who have already successfully completed our One Chip Challenge and are comfortable and willing to endure MORE PAIN. These chips are limited edition and will never be produced again. We only have a small batch of 40 packs available so if you feel brave enough then do not hesitate as these are going to go FAST. Purchasing this chip puts you (the buyer) in agreement that Reaper Boys Ltd will not and cannot be held responsible for any harm, Injury or soiled underwear this endurance product may cause.   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED   !!