Hello Chiliheads around the World!
Some called me the "Titan from Lulea" but I'm just a chilihead from the north of Sweden that enjoy spicy stuff. Stupid enough to be fearless but respectful of extremely spicy content (don't fear the Reaper. only Respect it).


Big thanks to League Of Fire for the amazing work in the chili community, and to N.E.U.K. Chilli-Heads for one of the Best and Loving chili community out there!


Favorite Chili:
Scotch Bonnet, Ghost Pepper (Naga Jolokia).



At the moment I have one going collab and it's with a local candy factory/shop Gammelstads Karamellen (Old Town Caramel).


N.E.U.K Chilliheads Golden Ladle Score Board



L.O.F. Reaper Challenge League Table



League Of Fire (M.O.A.B.)



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