Four Horsemen: This is a future challenge!

Keep your eyes open for my attempt to defeat these Evil skulls.

The project is a collab with Gammelstads Knäck & Karamell.

Draugr: or draug is an undead creature in the Norse mythology.

Drawing of an zombie that I made back in 2014 bring it back to life 2020 in the Draugr project.

The project is a collab with Gammelstads Knäck & Karamell, and it's a Super Sour, Super Salty and Super Spicy lollipop. And now is a second Draugr out called Christmas Draugr.

Rumors also talks about a third version, the Draugr will hunt you for ever, beware friends.

First was meant to be EVIL but then Ulrika made it just wonderful.

Helheim: is known as the Realm of the Dead in the Norse mythology.

Image made for the Helheim 666 Second Challenge.

The project is a collab with Gammelstads Knäck & Karamell, it's an Evil fudge filled with superhot chillies.

Valkyria: Nordic Battles

2-4 players or alone (Hot)

Caramel with lingonberries, cloudberries and blueberry flavor, all superhot!

Valkyria: Chilli Game of Death

(2-4 players or alone)

Can of caramels with chilli, orange and lemon taste with three different of strengths.

Insanity: project was my first collab with Gammelstads Knäck & Karamell. The plan was to create a spicy chocolate and it ends up with challenge box for two.

The Insanity brand now contains three challenges, Insanity Challenge Box, Pure Insanity and Pure Insanity x2. And mabe a fourth on the way?


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