Next week I'm going to have a collab with a friend, I think you know him it's Hoffa Kaos. We are going to try Johnny Scoville & Willy Pete's Chocolate Co. challenge bar Chili Cherry Nightmare.

The rules are 1, No drink at all for the entire challenge. 2, You have 10 minutes to finish the whole bar. You CANNOT begin the afterburn unitl the 10 minutes ends. 3, You must endure a 5 minute afterburn to complete the challenge! This challenge bar contains about 15 to 20 Carolina Raper so it's not for those sensitive to spicy stuff you should be kept out of reach!

BIG shoutout to Roger Trier for the amazing artwork on this bar!

Hoffa Kaos | Johnny Scoville | Willy Pete's Chocolate Co.